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About Us

Pond Pro Canada—Who We Are

           Born out of Ackenberry Trout Farm, Pond Pro is a family owned business. We have grown from a small pond supply store to a Canadian leader in pond supply, aeration systems, water fountains, and industrial water needs, in addition to lake and pond management. Pond Pro Canada is owned and operated by biologist Lorne Louden, who brings his 25 years experience into all aspects of the industry Pond Pro serves. Be it designing a unique pond maintenance guide for a customer, offering advice on marketing products, or providing solutions for large scale water systems—our team is here to help.


Wholesale Supplier

           A key aspect of Pond Pro Canada is as a wholesale supplier to many farm, irrigation and other retail stores in Canada. Our products have a track record of bringing back return customers—their reliability has created a brand customers know and trust. As a Canadian distributor of Kasco Marine products, we offer top quality fountains in the industry. We are also a certified repair centre, meaning there’s no need to wait for long repair times or for parts to be shipped across the border for a simple repair.


Lake & Pond Management—Our team is here to help!

           Managing a body of water can be a challenge, that’s why we’re here to share our knowledge and experience. With 25 years in the industry, we’re here to create a custom maintenance plan for you and to help you meet any pond or lake needs. We offer a unique line of water treatment products designed to be easy to use, economical and most importantly effective.


Custom Aeration Design

           We offer custom aeration systems for everything from small dugouts, to large municipal ponds, and even lakes. Our Can-Air Aeration Systems are designed, tested and manufactured in Canada, specifically for our harsh climate. This product was developed as a reliable system for our fish farm, and is the system we use to this day. We also offer Robust-Aire Aeration Systems, manufactured by industry leader Kasco Marine. Our custom designs can also include Kasco Marine surface aerators, ideal for niche industrial needs. We have a history of amazing results with our aeration systems and many happy customers—see page 11 for more info. Contact us for references from some of our previous projects.


Industrial Water Management & Supply

             Pond Pro’s experience extends past lakes and ponds to lagoons, industrial and agricultural use. Offering a variety of industrial strength water pumps, filters and sterilizers, we have whatever your industrial water system needs. From treating and managing sewage drainage to de-icing tailings ponds, we have the knowledge and products you need.


Our Mission

To utilize our team of experts to turn aquatic problems into aquatic solutions with the use of top quality minds, products, and standards.


Our Vision

To become one of the worlds leading aquatic innovators by continuing to develop top quality and sustainable brands.