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Lake & Shoreline Weed and Muck Solutions

Lake and Shoreline Treatment for Weeds, Muck and Sludge

Many Canadian lake shorelines, marinas and dock areas are plagued with overgrown weeds, excessive muck and stagnant water, however this issue can be easily addressed and prevented. Pond Pro Canada offers a solution for these issues with industry leading Kasco Marine circulators, and an easy ongoing maintenance plan of all-natural pond bacteria. 


Weed Removal along Docks, Lake Shores and other Shorelines

While we prefer to prevent weeds and vegetation buildup around docks and shorelines, there are times it needs to be manually removed after the weeds have taken over. For this, we strongly recommend the Weed Razer and Weed Raker. These two products make manual weed removal easy! Manual weed removal is often the simple first step to getting the clear shoreline you dream of. 


Weed Prevention along Docks, Lakeshores and other Shorelines

Weeds can easily be prevented with the right maintenance program! By eliminating standing water, increasing oxygen levels and preventing the build up of excess nutrients, weeds can very easily be prevented. Our biologist led team of experts recommends using a Kasco Marine Circulator to ensure stagnant water is eliminated.  A circulator and a good aeration system can make cleaning up your shoreline simple!

Muck Reduction along Docks, Lakeshores & other Shorelines

The best way to reduce muck in combination with aeration is bacteria treatment. Pond Pro Muck Pellets are tablets that sink in to the sludge, then eat up the bacteria. This treatment is all natural, very safe and easy to apply - just toss it in! Simply toss these in on a regular basis and they will reduce muck by up to an inch a month!

Biologist Recommended Treatment for Dock areas, Lakeshores and other Shorelines

Pond Pro Canada has successfully treated hundreds of shorelines in Canadian lakes, ponds and rivers, eliminating weeds, algae and sludge, while greatly improving water quality.  We ultimately recommend the following regime to clear your shoreline of muck and weeds, and keep it clear

  • A good aeration system - contact our team at for aeration system sizing recommendations
  • Circulator -  this can be mounted on a dock
  • Muck Pellets -  this all-natural maintenance treatment works to eat up muck and sludge

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