Weed Razers & Rakers

Weed Razers & Rakers

Weed Razers & Rakers are your solution for easy weed removal on ponds and lake shorelines. Ideal for rooted or floating aquatic weeds, and even for duckweed removal. Weed removal is the first step to a water maintenance program - remove the weeds then begin a pond maintenance plan to ensure weeds are prevented in future. 

Learn more about preventing unwanted weed and vegetation growth with aeration and pond maintenance

  • Easy Removal of Pond Sludge, Muck and Weeds with the NEW Muck Razer Muck Razer

    Muck Razer

    Remove Pond Sludge, Muck and Weeds with the NEW Muck Razer Designed with hooked teeth, the MUCK RAZER will reduce muck and dig out roots of aquatic weeds to give you the swimming and boating area you have longed for. Cut your vegetation with the...

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  • WeedRazer Pro with Sharpner

    WeedRazer Pro with Sharpner

      Best Razor on the market, No time consuming assembly required, takes up less space then other razors when in storage   The WeedRazer Pro takes the efficiency of the original WeedRazer to a new level, as with the push of button users can select the...

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    Weed Razer Express

    Weed Razer Express

        Remove Aquatic Vegetation Light Weight & Cuts a 30" Path Cuts In Narrow Places Between Docks The revolutionary Jenlis Weed Razer™ Express Aquatic Weed Cutter easily removes stubborn pond weeds in just a few minutes! The...

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