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Golf Course Water Treatment, Aeration & Fountains

Golf Course Water Treatment in Canada

Algae & Weed Control in Golf Course Ponds

Algae, duckweed and other aquatic vegetation can quickly overtake the beautiful ponds in your golf course, creating head aches for golf course superintendents. However algae and weeds can be managed with some proactive maintenance treatments, which is also more economical than treating preventatively.

Aeration Benefits in Golf Course Ponds


Aeration can have the largest impact on improving water quality in your ponds as it reduces unwanted weed and algae growth, reduces phosphates by up to 95% and reduces water odours and muck buildup.  As an added benefits for ponds that are also used for irrigation for course greens, an adequate aeration system lowers pH - aerating your ponds can improve your ponds AND your course turf! An efficient aeration system such as the Can-Air systems are an investment that can have huge cost-saving benefits.

Pond Pro Canada has custom designed golf course pond aeration for over 20 years, provding solutions to courses across Canada. Contact our team of experts at 1-855-414-7663 for recommendations on aeration system for your golf course. 


Pond Maintenance Is the Most Economical Weed & Algae Control

A good maintenance plan is also key to control algae and weeds in your golf course water in addition to being the most economical water management. It is far more cost effective to treat your ponds proactively than to allow them to get anerobic and become a breeding ground for weeds and sludge.

Natural Bacteria treatments are the next step to minimizing algae and weed growth. This good bacteria is like a probiotic for your ponds, helping the ecosystem in your ponds remain balanced. This bacteria eats away at the muck and sludge in your pond, offering clarifying properties, but it also eats away at the nutrients that weeds and algae would otherwise thrive off of. 

Pond dye is an often overlooked tool for weed and algae control for golf courses. Pond dye offers multiple benefits for the health and ecosystem of your ponds besides offering aesthetic appeal. Pond dye darkens the water, limiting sunlight entering the pond and therefore making it difficult for weeds and aquatic plants to grow. Pond dye also has the benefit of lowering pH - pond dye can lower pH an entire point! By darkening water with dye, you can also ensure golf balls in the pond are not visible to golfers - eliminating liability risks of fishing the balls out themselves. IF you also stock fish in your course ponds, this dye protects the fish from predatory birds by making it difficult to impossible for these visual predators to spot them.

Algae control in golf course ponds should be treated preventatively as well. While a maintenance treatment of bacteria treatments and pond dye in an aerated pond should virtually elimnate algae, any small blooms should be treated immediately with algaeside such as ProClear. Spot treating these blooms is much more cost-effective than allowing it to get out of control and needing to treat the entire pond.

Contact our team of algae control and water treatment experts for a FREE pond maintenance plan at sales@pondpro.ca.

Benefits of Fountains in Golf Course Ponds


Floating pond fountains add to your course's visual appeal, increase water circulation and increase oxygen levels in your pond. Both aerating fountains or multi-nozzle decorative fountains have aerating benefits in addition to keeping water circulating, eliminating problems caused by stagnant water including duckweed, aquatic weeds, smelly water and sludge and muck build up.

Pond Pro Canada is your Canadian distributor of industry leading fountains & light kits from 1/2HP to 7.5HP, from reliable manufacturers such as Kasco Marine, Outdoor Water Solutions and Aquamaster. We even offer solar fountain options!

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