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Stormwater Pond & Raw Water Management

Stormwater Ponds and Raw Water Treatment Solutions in Canada for Municipalities and Home Owner Associations

Municipal, commercial, and private management of raw water and stormwater ponds requires unique treatment approaches in Canada to eliminate odors in communities, reduce algae, weeds and murky water.

Stormwater Ponds are crucial to municipal and HOA water management and flood control. However, their benefits are often overshadowed by their common problems such as excessive algae and vegetation growth, smelly water, excessive sludge build-up, and overall poor water quality.  

Pond Pro Canada ​and Aquatic Engineering Canada can assist in your stormwater pond planning or correcting a problem pond.  We offer custom biologist consultations, and effective products that are NSF 60 certified for municipal use and all natural bio-remediation products to help tackle challenging stormwater ponds. 

We offer products including algaecide to kill algae, as well as bacteria solutions to reduce nutrient accumulation in ponds that contribute to odors, sludge build up caused by organics, duckweed, algae and more. 

Aeration is often the most successful pond remediation method to revitalize the pond and bring it back to a healthy ecosystem balance. We offer custom aeration designs to work with your budget and unique pond. From bottom diffused aeration to surface aerators, and fountains! 

Floating fountains can help add oxygen to stormwater ponds to help improve water quality , while, adding a beautiful display. 

Our team also has the microbiology expertise to provide all-natural bioremediation solutions. Contact us today for more information!


Strategies and Techniques for Aging Stormwater Management Ponds