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Irrigation Ponds & Agricultural Dugouts

Canada's Vast Agricultural Industry Depends on Water- Increase Crop Yields and Livestock Health & Weight Gain by Properly Managing your Irrigation and and Livestock Ponds an Dugouts!

Commercial and family farms, greenhouses, golf courses, feedlots, and community gardens depend on irrigation dugouts for the success of their operation.

There is no doubt that water is an agricultural necessity. Whether it is used for irrigation or livestock watering, water quality matters.  Studies have shown that high-quality, aerated water results in better crop yield, as well as increased cattle weight gain. Studies have found up to a 9-11% increase in cattle weights simply by aerating their water source. 

 Pond Pro Canada and Aquatic Engineering Canada has helped develop countless custom aeration systems for large-scale agricultural operations, including greenhouses, Hutterite colonies, irrigation contractors, and feedlots.

​Pond Pro Canada and AEC are the exclusive distributor of Can-Air Pond Aeration and NaturalClear all-natural bacteria treatments. These products and systems have been distributed across our Western Canadian prairie provinces to improve water quality in irrigation ponds and livestock dugouts.

 Our consultants are happy to share their expertise to help you improve & grow your operation. 

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