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Pond Pro Canada works to provide the top quality products and services in the industry at the guaranteed lowest prices. Our loyal customers are a result of the reliable products and services we offer and stand behind. We use the products we sell and only offer the products we trust. These few testimonials are a small sample of the positive feedback we’ve heard from our customers.


Thank you from Pond Pro Canada to all our customers!



            “In my experience (of over 10 years in the industry) I have found that the Can-Air diffusers manufactured by Pond Pro have been more effective when compared to the membrane type diffusers.   I would recommend anyone who is thinking about installing aeration to consider the Can-Air diffuser systems. They are manufactured by a Canadian company who has tested them rigorously through all of our seasons which has been proven by their design.”

- Becky W. BSc.

Fresh Water Consulting Ltd.



            “I had talked to numerous salesmen about cleaning up lagoons and their solution was a dead end. After 2 years of algae blooms, brown water and dead fish, I was at my end and ready to get the cat and fill in my lagoon. Finally I got a hold of a biologist at Pond Pro. A year has gone by now and with aeration and All-Natural Pond Clarifier my water is crystal clear, bottom of pond is back to sand, no gross algae mats and my trout have fed aggressively all winter.”

-  Mel D.

Extreme Landscaping



            “The staff at Pond Pro are experts in their field. They have helped us to resolve many issues we had with our pond and lagoon system. I have had tremendous success working with them. Everyone's water situation is unique. Their expertise in resolving cold weather problems in northern Canada has earned them my personal loyalty. “

- Joseph K.

Kalia Resources



            “I can't say enough about the service from Pond Pro. They were GREAT! They answered all my pre-purchase questions, and shipped my order the same day. I ordered Monday afternoon and Tuesday morning [my order] was in my hands. AWESOME!”

-  Jack H.

Retail Customer



"Just a short e-mail to say thank you for your assistance and advice the other day in relation to the proper hook-up of our KM 120 Tech-Aire Compressors.  The Camrose and District Fish and Game Association appreciates your professional services and assistance, and as well the help from your friendly and knowledgeable staff at Pond Pro Canada.




- L.F.
Vice President/Pond Director
Camrose and District Fish and Game Association.