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Lake & Pond Management

Lake & Pond Management—Our team is here to help!


            Managing a body of water can be a challenge, that’s why we’re here to share our knowledge and experience. With 20 years in the industry, we’re here to create a custom aeration or maintenance plan for you and any pond or lake needs.

            In 20 years, we’ve sold over 3000 aeration systems—more than any other company in Western Canada. We use the products we sell and we’re confident in their quality and reliability. We’ve successfully completed municipal projects like diffused aeration for the High Level drinking reservoir (pictured below). We’ve designed aeration systems and implemented maintenance plans for multiple Alberta lake communities such as Lake Chaparral and Heritage Pointe.

            Our technology and experience expands to industrial and agricultural bodies of water. We can create a custom design with innovative solutions for any unique water situation. Our Can-Air Aeration Systems are designed for peak efficiency in all depths and sizes of ponds and lakes.

           Our expertise extends past just aeration to general pond & lake maintenance. We are happy to build you a plan to correct any issues and proactively maintain your body of water and attain your goal for it. Our maintenance plans are built around the products we created, and manufacture on-site. Give us a call to see a sample maintenance plan and discuss options for your pond or lake.