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Aquaculture & Aquaponics

Aquaculture & Aquaponics in Canada- Fish Supplies, Aeration & Water Treatments

Pond Pro Canada is your source for fish supplies, water treatments and chemicals and water aeration for all aquaculture applications. Born out of Ackenberry Trout Farms, Pond Pro Canada's staff understands the importance of reliable products for your aquaculture operations.


Fish Food & Supplies for Aquaculture in Canada

Pond Pro Canada offers premium trout food, industrial grade Milwaukee testing instruments and an extensive line of supplies including all products you need your aquaculture or aquaponics operations

Water Treatments for Aquaculture in Canada

Our extensive line of water treatments include all-natural bacteria, algaecide, clarifiers, flocculents and more. These are the same premium treatments used in our sister company, Ackenberry Trout Farm, ensuring we offer only the best treatments to you, the same products we use for our own fish.

Water Aeration & Pumps for Aquaculture in Canada

Water aeration and pumps can be the most important part of your aquaponics systems and we offer reliable tank aeration and pump solutions at the guaranteed lowest prices in Canada. Our Can-Air aeration systems were designed by our in-house biologist for Ackenberry Trout Farm - and it's the same systems we run our farm off today. The aeration design of the Can-Air diffusers alllows microbubbles (1-3mm) in size to be released into the water, ensuring maximum oxygen is mixed with the water. Find out more about our Can-Air Aeration Systems here.

We also offer an extensive line of pumps needed to run your aquaculture operation, including in-line pumps, submersible pumps and centrifugal pumps from premium brands such as Performance Pro as well as Jebao pumps for smaller scale operations. Check out our pump selection here, contact our team for any sizing questions.


Water Filters & UV Sterilizers for Aquaculture in Canada

Our pond and water filters and UV sterilizers offer reliable filtration for your operation, ensuring the clenaest water possible. As a distributor of brands such as AQUA UV, we offer premium products and additional product support/