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Sewage Bacteria

Sewage Bacteria for Septic Tanks, Households, Commercial and RV Systems

Pond Pro Canada's sewage bacteria SepticClear is an all-natural solution to keep all sizes of septic and sewage systems running at peak performance. This bacteria treatment has grease-dissolving and waste-digesting properties allowing to to eat away at waste and other buildup in septic systems before it builds up and becomes a problem. Applications include residential septic systems, rural septic tanks and RV septic systems.

This sewage bacteria is available in extra strength formulas for large sewage systems. Consult our team at or 1-855-414-7663 for recommendations on use in larger sewage systems.

  • SepticClear SepticClear

    Pond Pro SepticClear

    SepticClear Bacteria TreatmentThis all-natural bacteria formula is an easy to use product to keep your septic system running at optimal performance to keep it running. Economical and effective, this product is the easiest way to keep your septic system...

    CAD.$15.15 - CAD.$167.49
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  • muck pellets plus 12.5kg pail muck pellets plus 12.5kg pail

    Muck Pellets PLUS

    Pond Pro Muck Pellets PLUS are a premium Canadian-made 5 Billion Bacteria Concentration Bioremediation Product designed to reduce and prevent sludge buildup. This formula is made in an easy to apply, professional grade tablet, ideal for problem...

    CAD.$449.00 - CAD.$870.00
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  • Bio-dredge bacteria for industrial dredging Bio-dredge 12.5kg bacteria for industrial dredging


    Pond Pro Bio-dredge is our premium Canadian-made Industrial-Strength bioremediation product that contains organic eating bacteria designed to breakdown sludge and prevent muck buildup. Commercially Concentrated 5 Billion Formula This Formula Is Made In...

    CAD.$449.00 - CAD.$870.00
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