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Agricultural Water Aeration

Agricultural Aeration in Canada


Farm and agricultural operations across Canada, particularly in provinces such as Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba, depend on their dugouts for a clean water source. An efficient and dependable dugout aeration system is a must to ensure good water quality and agricultural success. As dugouts naturally age, they become anaerobic, prompting water quality to plummet. Aeration will prevent this from happening, and can even reverse this process in an older dugout. 

But dugout aeration in provinces across Canada have additional benefits for every sector of agricultural industry.

Agricultural Aeration For Livestock Drinking Water For Canadian Farms


An Aerated Water Source For Your Livestock Drinking Water Source Can Make

The water source for your livestock can make or break the success of your operation and dugout aeration is your way to maintain water quality for your livestock.

This is clear in multiple studies that have reported a significant increase in weight gain in cattle simply by ensuring they have access to clean drinking water. A 2005 study completed in Western Canada found that calves provided with water that was aerated had 9-10% more weight gain in a 90 day period than calves that drank the unaerated water. This same study found that an 8-9% increase in weight gain was evident in steers that access to aerated water when compared to those drinking untreated duout water. 

The investment in water quality can lead to significant profit increases in your cattle operation. The Beef Cattle Research Council offers a calculator found here to calculate the economic benefit your cattle operation can have from installing an aeration system. 

Agricultural Aeration For Irrigation Water

For Agriculture Operations That Pull Water From Dugouts For Irrigation Purposes, Water Aeration Can Have Extensive Benefits.

The most obvious benefit is that aerated water increases the oxygen levels in the water, but this process also works to remove up to 95% of phosphates from the water. Further, aeration decreases the release of hydrogen gasses from the pond. Aeration benefits extend even further to lower pH levels in your irrgation water 

Dugout Aeration For Canadian Farms - More Information

Pond Pro Canada Is Your Dugout And Agricultural Aeration Specialist With Can-Air Aeration Systems Designed For Harsh Canadian Winters.

Dugout aeration is an economical and efficient way to have significant increases in your profits for any agricultural operation. Our team of aeration experts have been designing aeration systems for over 20 years and have sold more than 3000 aeration systems in Western Canada. For more info contact our team of aeration experts at sales@pondpro.ca or check out our Can-Air Aeration Systems.