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Pulp and Paper Mill Pond Aeration and Management

We are Canada's go-to Aeration and Water Treatment Experts for Pulp and Paper Mill & Chemical Plant Cooling Ponds


Water Management in industrial settings such as pulp and paper mills, or chemical processing plants presents a unique set of challenges including:

  • ​Unstable pH 
  • High chemical oxygen demand (COD) levels

  • High biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) levels

  • Odours

  • Water turbidity

  • Algae and aquatic vegetation

  • High ammonia, nitrate, nitrite levels

  • High phosphates

  • Low oxygen levels 

  • And more

​​Our team has recently installed a 26- Can-Air Diffuser Pro XL system into a pulp and paper mill distillate equalization pond to help improve water quality. We are also in the process of helping remediate a massive old pulp and paper mill effluent lagoon. With over 3000 pulp and paper mills across the country we understand the challenges that come along with managing effluent ponds, storage ponds, and distillate equalization ponds for recirculation and increasing pulp quality.  Trust our experts and rely on our experiences to help you with designing the aeration, cooling, or de-icing system that is customized for your operation's specialized needs. 

​We offer the technology you need, including aeration airline and industrial Can-Air Diffusers