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Aqua Thruster

Mounts For Aqua Thruster Oscillators (Oscillator Sold Seperately)

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6.00 LBS
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  • Mounts for Oscillator
  • Dock Mount Frame For Oscillator (Oscillator Sold Sepertely)
  • Post Mount Frame For Oscillator (Oscillator Sold Seperately)
  • Truss Mount Frame For Oscillator (Oscillator Sold Seperately)
  • Bottom Mount Frame For Oscillator (Oscillator Sold Seperately)
CAD.$212.49 - CAD.$999.99


Mounts For Use With Aqua Thruster Oscillator (Oscillator Sold Separately)

These mounts work perfect for the Aquathruster Oscillator to mount to a variety of docks

Dock Plate Mount Frame

The Dock Plate Mount for the Aqua Thruster allows you to easily install on any part of your dock surface using a few bolts. This is a “semi-permanent” option for those who have no need to move their unit around their dock or shoreline. The AquaThruster unit can easily be removed from the mount for easy storing.

Post Mount Frame

If your dock has posts, this mount makes it extremely easy to mount  on any post along your dock to allow maximum coverage of your beach.  It is quick and easy to attach and remove so portability won’t be an issue. Easy to move from post to post as needed! To mount, simply slide the Portable Dock Post Mount over the desired dock post, tighten a couple bolts and you are ready go! To move your relocate just loosen the bolts, slide it off and repeat!

Truss Plate Mount Frame

This "sandwich style" mount attaches to the side of any truss style dock frame. It can be moved anywhere around your dock very easily so you can cover more area effectively.  

-The Truss Dock Mount attaches and detaches to any part of your dock frame in less than 2 minutes!

-No need to drill holes in your dock.

-Extremely portable and easy to install

360 Bottom Frame

The Freestanding Bottom Frame Mount for the 360° Oscillator works great for cleaning up the balance of your lake shore. If you have a lot of shoreline and want to be sure to manage muck and debris along your entire shoreline this is a great option. The frame makes it easier to move your AquaThruster pretty much anywhere you would like. It also works for people who don’t have a dock or pier.



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