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Kasco Marine Robust-Aire 2

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  • Kasco Marine Robust-Aire 2
  • Kasco Marine Robust-Aire 2
  • Kasco Marine Robust-Aire 2


Robust-aire water aeration system, the RA-2 System By Kasco Marine

RA-2 System (No Cabinet) includes:

KM 60 1/4HP Compressor

2 Robust Aire Diffusers

2 x 100ft rolls of 3/8 sinking line

Compressor shelf with fan

fittings and hose barbs included

**note** all systems sold with no cabinet must be

A) out of the elements (snow, wind, dust)

B) be kept off the ground (on a shelf or post)

C) have a cooling fan blowing hot air AWAY from compressor (any little 12v barn fan will work)

for warranty to be valid.


RA-2 System (WITH post mount Cabinet) includes:

KM 60 1/4HP Compressor pre-installed in cabinet with fan

2 Robust Aire Diffusers

2x 100ft rolls of 3/8 sinking line

fittings and hose barbs included

Advantages of using a Robust-Aire System

  • No electricity in the water. This can be especially important where swimming is allowed.
  • No floating equipment at the surface. Boating is not hindered and the natural view of the lake can be enjoyed.
  • No electricity needed at the edge of the pond or lake. Robust-Aire can be remotely installed away from the water’s edge. Air can be delivered to the water’s edge instead of electricity. This can result in an installation cost savings. This option may be preferred where it is more convenient to have the compressor system consolidated with other equipment.
  • Robust-Aire is more effective at aerating deeper waters than a floating fountain or high-volume surface aerator. Robust-Aire becomes effective at 8 feet of depth and increases efficiency with respect to water flow at the water deepens. Water is pumped directly from the bottom, all the way to the top. Robust-Aire compressors can inject air 50 feet deep!
  • Robust-Aire is cost effective to purchase and operate for larger surface areas. These systems can effectively destratify and aerate deep lakes with much lower equipment costs and energy consumption. Robust-Aire systems are the most efficient on the market.
  • Low maintenance. Most maintenance and inspection may be conducted onshore. Rocking piston compressors do not require internal maintenance as often as other compressors.

Robust-Aire Systems

Robust-Aire Diffused Aeration is consistent with other product offerings by Kasco: quality design, efficiency, & professional assistance.

  • Energy-efficient Robust Aire piston compressor with air inlet filter. One year standard warranty.
  • Sure Sink weighted tubing
  • Robust Aire Diffuser Assemblies with weighted base.
  • All fittings and clamps necessary to assemble your system.
  • Multiple diffuser systems include a manifold with valves to control air flow to each diffuser.

Our compressors and the associated cooling fans are available in 120 or 240 volt.

Systems come standard with our large cabinet, but can be ordered without a cabinet. Robust-Aire systems with one, two, or three diffusers can be housed in our post mounted cabinet.

Robust-Aire System

Suface Acres*
# of Diffuser Assumblies
Cabinet Opitons



Base mount-standard

Pos Mount (PM)

No Cabinet (NC)


Base mount-standard

No Cabinet (NC)


*RA1-RA3 pond size based on a depth of 8 feet and a desired minimum ternover rate of 1 turn of complete volume per 48 hours.

*RA4-RA6 pond sizebased on a depth of 15 feet and a desired minimum turnover rate of 1 turn of complete volume per 48 hours.

Sizing assistance available.


Why Choose Robust Aire??

Kasco Aeration uses superior diffuser materials and design. Robust-Aire has been tested alongside 6 other leading designs by 4 other manufacturers. Between 10 and 44% more waterflow was induced with the same volume of air injected into the water column. The system simply creates more water flow to aerate the pond with the same amount of air and energy making it THE MOST EFFICIENT on the market.

This is the result of an efficient diffuser which allows air to escape at a very low pressure, to produce smaller bubbles with less friction loss. The bubbles are approximately 3mm in diameter. The U-Shaped design and placement of the four diffusers enhances the upwarf flow of water. The diffuser material is durable and easy to clean. While nothing is maintenance free, seasonal cleaning of the diffusers in order to maintain efficiency is easy. The hydrophobic material partially repels growth films and can be cleaned with a rag or a gloved hand.

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