Algae Prevention - It Is Possible!

Algae Prevention - It Is Possible!

        Algae is a very common problem throughout Canadian ponds. If not treated early it can quickly turn your beautiful healthy pond into an overgrown slough. However, algae is very treatable! Both proactively (which is preferred) and reactively, algae can be managed!Algae Comparison

        Algae Prevention

        Preventative algae treatment is easy, economical and low-maintenance. Algae prevention is also far more economical that treating it after it has taken over your pond.

        In 20 years of running a fish farm, we have discovered the formula to prevent algae. Daunting as it seems, algae prevention is simple and manageable.

                       Electric Pond Aeration

        Aeration is key!

        Water circulation makes it difficult for algae to grow

        Oxygen prompts growth of good bacteria which limits algae growth

        Reduces phosphates (the main food of algae)


        pond dye

        Pond Dye: Unexpected algae control

        Pond dye is a simple preventative measure as it blocks sunlight into the water, making it difficult for algae and weeds to grow. The darker the better!

                pond & lake bacteria treatment

        NaturalClear Pond Treatment – Good Bacteria!

        Uses up phosphates and nutrients that algae lives off of

        Eats away at any dead algae

        Bonus! Improves water quality and clarity

        ProClear & PolyPro Algaecide                   

        ProClear Algaecide

        Kills algae within days! Simply spot treat any algae blooms that appear.

        This combination treatment will minimize new growth and improve overall water quality. It is possible to have an algae free pond!

        Contact our experts at 1-855-414-7663 or for an no-obligation Free Algae Prevention & Pond Maintenance Plan.

21st Nov 2019 Pond Pro

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