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When should I turn my Aeration back on in the Spring?

When should I turn my Aeration back on in the Spring?

Spring is here, and its time to turn your pond and lake aeration system back on, and start thinking about treatments again!

Adding aeration to your pond, lake, or dugout is highly recommended to help keep your system aerobic, which stimulates “good bacteria” to help break down nutrients and organics from accumulating in your pond, prevents odours, and clarifies the water. Aeration is crucial if fish are present in your pond, to ensure adequate oxygen levels, and prevent fish kills. For ponds, lakes, and dugouts that do not stock fish, running your aeration system becomes optional throughout the winter. In the winter your pond’s activities will significantly slow down as the biological component’s metabolic activities slow down or stop completely. In turn, the oxygen demand is typically reduced (in natural settings), and colder water is able to retain oxygen more. Therefore, many people choose to turn off their systems completely once the temperatures drop and ice begins to form.

*Note: if your aeration system does not have insulated airline installed, or your airline is not buried below the frost line leading into the pond, your system will need to be turned off once ambient air temperatures drop below freezing. This is to prevent ice buildup in the airline, which can result in a blockage and a build-up of back pressure on the compressor.

** Note: Running your aeration system throughout the winter can result in dangerously thin ice conditions. Never skate or walk on a frozen body of water that is aerated.

Our aeration systems require no winter maintenance or removal. The diffusers can remain in the pond (assuming ice formation cannot damage the diffuser), and the compressors can remain in their enclosed cabinets, or weatherproof shelter (when shelf mounted).

As simple as winterizing your system can be, you may be anxious to turn it back on once the weather warms up. We recommend turning your system back on, once the ice begins to thaw and break apart. The aeration system will help to quickly melt the rest of the ice.

Once the ice has completely melted and the water temperatures reach 5-7 degrees Celsius, we do recommend starting your regular pond treatment again for the season!

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