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Pond Pro NaturalClear Lake - 12.5kg

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  • NaturalClear Lake  - 12.5kg
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NaturalClear Lake Beneficial Lake Bacteria

Natural Clear Lake Bacteria is our premium Canadian-made bioremediation product containing 5 species of bacteria designed to work in the harsh Canadian climate. 


  • Clarifies water by reducing murkiness & turbidity

  • Reduces excess nutrients 

  • Reduces COD, BOD, organic carbon, & hydrocarbons

  • Removes odour

  • Reduces sludge & muck buildup

  • Reduces sediments

  • Breaks down organics

  • Lower pH for better irrigation water


  • Lakes

  • Dugouts

  • Drinking water reservoirs

  • Aquaculture

  • Irrigation ponds

  • Golf courses & residential developments

Product Features

  • Easy to apply

  • Small water soluble packets (wsp) ensure even dispersion 

  • Odour-free

  • Resilient in temperatures as low as 3° Celsius

  • Can be used safely around fish, plants, birds, swimming ponds, irrigation, and other wildlife when used according to label directions

  • Lake: 4 species formula

  • Lake plus: 5 species formula + cold tolerance

How it Works
NaturalClear bacteria eat up dead vegetation and sludge that has built up in your pond. As these beneficial bacteria multiply, they consume the nutrients that contribute to poor water quality. As sludge and muck buildup is reduced/prevented, odour from the water is consequently reduced. Additionally, our extra strength formula features two strains of bacteria that secrete bio-flocculants, clarifying the water. 

Lake or Lake PLUS Formula - Which One Is Right For You?

While our reliable NaturalClear Lake formula is sufficient for most ponds, we understand that some ponds may require an extra kick to combat the effects of eutrophication or other issues. That's why we've developed the Lake PLUS Formula, with double the concentration of bacteria to provide your pond with the ultimate care. If you're seeking to transform your problem pond into a pristine oasis, or simply want to elevate your pond to its peak potential, we highly recommend using the Lake PLUS Formula.

For more product information, visit our Resources page.

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