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Benefits of Pond and Lake Dye and How to Apply it to your Pond?

Pond and lake dye has numerous benefits for your pond! Not only can pond and lake dye converts dreary and murky body of water into a beautiful, natural- blue or turquoise oasis, but it can also reduce algae blooms and weed growth, and help protect your fish from birds.

Pond Pro offers a beautiful blue dye to give your pond a natural blue tone, as well as turquoise to make your pond or lake look like a cool, rocky mountain spring.

How does pond dye benefit your pond?

Weed and algae prevention:

Pond and lake dye can help to darken your pond which in turn reduces sunlight penetration into the water. Algae and weeds require sunlight in order to grow. By minimizing the amount of sunlight available, we can reduce the submerged aquatic plant growth. Pond dye does not act as an inhibitor of growth or an algaecide/herbicide, but it is an effective and safe prevention and growth reduction product, that is aesthetically pleasing.

Protecting your fish:

By darkening the shade of your pond or lake with a natural dye, we can help to hide fish from overhead bird predators. One of the most prominent predators to fish in your fish pond are birds. In Canada, birds such as Cormorants, herons, hawks, and other predatory birds, often prey on trout. Just like how dye blocks sunlight, it can help hide or camouflage fish in the pond making it harder for birds to get to.

Types of dye:

Pond Pro carries several different colors, brands, and concentrations of dye for any sized pond or lake. Pond dye is most commonly found in two different forms: liquid or water-soluble packets.

Pond Pro Pond and Lake Dye:

Our in-house brand is made from natural and safe food-grade ingredients making it safe for fish ponds, recreational ponds, and drinking ponds.

  • Available in blue or turquoise
  • Available in water-soluble packets (1 packet treats 200,000 gallons of water) and liquid

TrueBlue and JetBlack Dye

Made by Precision Laboratories, this is one of our most popular dyes that is safe for all types of ponds and lakes.

  • Available in black or blue
  • Available in water soluble packets (1 packet treats 325,000 gallons) or liquid blue dye (1L of dye treats 325,000 gallons)

How to apply dye to my pond:

Liquid dye:

Simply pour the dye into your pond at numerous locations. Try to pour into deeper areas (off docks works well) and in areas where water actively moves. Allow for the natural mixing to occur over the next 24-48 hours. Always wear disposable coveralls and gloves when applying treatments and keep pets and people out of the pond for 24 hours post-treatment (to avoid looking like a smurf!)

Water-soluble packets:

Simply toss the packets into your pond and evenly distribute packets if more than one is applied. If possible, toss packets in areas where water moves (over aerator, near fountain pumps, etc.). Another great way to easily apply a water-soluble packet is to mix it in an old bucket with hot water to allow the packet to dissolve. Apply the liquid into deeper areas (off docks works well) and in areas where water actively moves. Always allow for natural mixing to occur over the next 24-48 hours and do not enter the pond for 24 hours post treatment. Wear gloves and coveralls when handling products.

Reapply the dye as needed. If you would like a richer or deeper color apply more frequently. Only use dye in closed bodies of water, never in flowing or open systems.

If you have any questions about our products and how to use them, contact us at sales@pondpro.ca!