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Can-Air Diffuser

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Can-Air Blue Fine-Bubble Pond and Lake Diffuser

Can-Air diffusers are one of the toughest, most efficient diffusers made in Canada. These diffusers have fewer parts and 25% more diffuser area than most diffusers of it's type.

High quality check valve and over 9 feet of highly efficient fine bubble diffuser tubing makes this diffuser a winner for all your needs - from a 10 meter koi pond to 500 hectare lake.

  • 1 - 3 mm micro bubble size
  • 1 - 4 cfm air input rated
  • Low Maintenance - 5 years between rebuilds
  • most cost effective rebuilds in the industry
  • No Electricity in the water

Aeration dramatically improves environmental conditions in your pond and helps keep good water quality predictable. Beneficial bacteria reduce sludge and nutrients, and there are reduced incidences of undesirable algae and odors. Winter ice is not allowed to seal the pond surface and restrict oxygen and gas transfer. Aeration allows your fish to thrive in an optimal environment and fish populations experience improved growth rates and vigor. There is no disruption of the serenity of your pond setting, just the assurance that it is getting the oxygen that it needs.

Aeration is key to predictable performance from your pond. Your pond environment receives life-supporting oxygen from the atmosphere at the surface where the air and water contact each other, as well as from the photosynthesis of algae and plants below the water surface.

These processes are both affected by weather: available wind energy (wave action) and sunlight. Weather is unpredictable and that can create stagnant water and low oxygen levels. When there is no sunlight, there is no photosynthesis to create oxygen. In stagnant water, there is no physical energy to help the water and air exchange gases and water forms well defined layers of different temperatures. Poor environmental conditions in the pond for fish and other organisms are the result.

If there is no aeration currently in your fish pond, the diffuser should be lowered roughly half the depth, and then slowly lowered all the way to the bottom over the next few weeks at a rate of 2 feet every other week until it is at the pond bottom

If the diffuser is lowered to the bottom right away you risk stirring up toxic gases that could kill your fish. Lowering it slowly over time will eliminate this risk


For product spec sheets and manuals visit our Resources page.

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