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Can I Leave My Fountain in the Pond?



Fountains beautify your pond and provide the benefits of aeration. However, in Canada, we do not get the pleasure of enjoying them year-round. To avoid any damage to the unit, fountains must be removed before the time water temperatures drops below freezing, or preferably before this point to make the removal process more comfortable for you!

Why is removal necessary?

As water freezes, the surface expands and encroaches on the fountain float to create pressure and cause breakage. Further ice formation is possible from wind movement or if debris clogs and impairs the fountain’s output. Ice damage will not be covered by warranty.

How to remove a fountain:

Step 1: turn off unit.

Step 2: disconnect anchors/ties. If the anchor lines are left in the water, we recommend tying them to a buoy for easy retrieval next year.

Step 3: reel the float to shore using an anchor tie or paddle out to the float. Your retrieval method will depend on equipment available and the pond environment (e.g. hindrance of weeds, water depth)

Step 4: disconnect power cable from float. Plug both ends to prevent water entry. The cord can be left in water and attached to a buoy, so it is easily retrievable next year, or brought into storage with the rest of the float.


The float must be completely drained, cleaned, and dried. We recommend storing in a dry sheltered area over the winter. The unit does not need to be kept in a heated environment so long as it is dry.


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