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Duckweed Control and Management in Ponds & Lakes in Canada

Duckweed Control & Prevention in Canadian Ponds, Dugouts & Lakes


                Duckweed is a problem that plagues many Canadian ponds, lakes and dugouts, however it can be removed and even better – it can be prevented!


Chemical-Free Duckweed Removal in Canadian Ponds & Lakes

                Duckweed removal is difficult as there is only one certified herbicide in Canada that straight up kills Duckweed. The herbicide that kills duckweed is a glyphosate called Reward. This chemical has been shown to cause cancer and is not Pond Pro’s first choice. If you want to use this chemical, spray duckweed every two weeks. As soon as you see new growth, spray it before it covers a significant portion of your pond. Why? Duckweed is killed by reward but stays at the surface, brown in color,rotting and smelling for months.

               Pond Pro’s experts recommend removing Duckweed manually instead by raking it out (We have tricks on how to modify a Weed Razer for easy duckweed removal HERE. While this can feel like a big task, it’s actually very simple and allows you to preventative pond treatment with a clean slate, while eliminating any risk from adding chemicals to your pond.



Duckweed Prevention in Canadian Ponds & Lakes

Aeration for Duckweed Prevention

                Duckweed prevention is far easier and economical than having to treat an entire pond after it has been taken over by duckweed.

                A good aeration system is the most important thing you can do to keep your pond free of duckweed. An adequate aeration system will reduce phosphates and availability of other nutrients that duckweed requires to thrive. These energy-efficient pond aerators are the same systems used for fish ponds, dugouts and more, as they can be customized for any pond size. A large aeration system should also move much of the duckweed to the outside edges of the pond.

Learn more about Pond Aeration Here. Shop Can-Air Pond Aerators or Request a FREE Quote

Pond Bacteria for Duckweed Prevention

Pond Bacteria is also a key part of a maintenance plan to minimize duckweed growth. Pond Bacteria such as NaturalClear is like a probiotic for your pond, contributing to it’s health and aiding it create a healthy ecosystem. This all-natural pond bacteria uses up nutrients that duckweed would other wise live off, and eats away any dead vegetation that would otherwise turn into sludge on your pond bottom. An added bonus – this treatment works to help clarify water and reduce odours too! NaturalClear Pond & Lake Formulas are Pond Pro Canada’s biologist-approved highly concentrated formulas are effective and very safe. Because they are all natural, they can even be added in higher dosages for difficult ponds, making your pond maintenance stress-free.


QuickClear as a Duckweed Prevention

If after you try the two previous options you may have to clear nutrients out of the water faster by using Quick Clear clarifier/flocculent. This product will turn the pond water white while nutrients such as Phosphates are precipitated out of the water column. This is a more expensive treatment but might be necessary for ponds with persistent duckweed problems.


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