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How To Install an Pond and Lake Aeration Compressor Cabinet

How To Install An Pond And Lake Aeration Compressor Cabinet

Proper aeration is essential for any size of pond, dugout, or lake, and the benefits and essential results it provides are worth the investment! Keeping that in mind we want to make sure that once you’ve purchased an aeration system you are getting the highest quality and longest-lasting results possible.

One of the best ways to do this is through proper installation and care of your compressor! We are going to share the dos and donts of installing and using your compressor to ensure that the heart of your aeration system is protected and provides the best output possible. If following the provided dos and don’ts, not only are you very unlikely to experience issues with your compressor, but you will be covered by warranty if something does happen. An easy way to achieve a lot of these tips is by putting your compressor in a compressor cabinet(this also extends the warranty of any compressor by a year). Pond Pro sells cabinets with built-in fans to ensure adequate cooling. However, proper mounting of the compressor cabinet is essential in achieving long-lasting results.


Don’t leave the compressor exposed to the elements (snow, wind, dust)

Allowing exposure to elements such as rain, snow, and in this photo, dust and dirt will cause permanent damage to the compressor that can lead to failure. Exposure will void warranty.

Don’t leave your compressor on the ground (even when in a cabinet)

Leaving your compressor cabinet on the ground will not only expose the tubing and compressor to the elements but can also pinch and put pressure on the hoses. Both the pinching and the dirt will result in the hoses cracking and breaking. Warranty does not cover damage for compressors kept on the ground.

Don’t lay your compressor (or compressor cabinet) sideways

Mounting or laying your cabinet sideways is not the solution to avoid pinching or bending the hose. If you install or lay the cabinet sideways, dirt and dust will get through to the compressor and the compressor will not function properly. The compressors that come with our Can-Air Aeration systems are rocking piston pumps. Pistons must be able to move up and down vertically at all times. The warranty does not cover damage caused by sideways installation.

Don’t mount your compressor too close to the water line

Don’t mount your compressor on an unstable post or shelf

Don’t mount your compressor in a difficult-to-reach location

Mounting your compressor too close to the water's edge is dangerous in case water levels rise in a rainy season. The compressor above water is not safe due to the high risk of electrical cords falling into the water. As well as the risk of your compressor falling, it would be permanently ruined by landing in water, even in a cabinet.

Mounting on a stable post or shelf is important to prevent the compressor from falling. Any type of fall, not just into the water, could permanently damage your compressor.

Choosing a location that is accessible is important if any maintenance or adjustments need to be made on your compressor. Although low maintenance overall, if not performed when needed, poor performance and higher wear and tear may result. Mounting somewhere accessible by foot prevents this from happening.

Don’t let your compressor overheat

Allowing the compressor to overheat will cause the compressor to stop working. This is especially high risk for ponds with fish as the compressor failing will stop aeration. A compressor not cooled by an outward blowing fan is not covered by warranty.


Do keep your compressor out of the elements.

The most effective way to protect your compressor from damage caused by the elements (rain, snow, dust, dirt) is a compressor cabinet.

Do keep your compressor off the ground (on a shelf or post)

Keeping your compressor off the ground will protect it from the elements and from the hoses pinching and being damaged or interfering with airflow.

Do keep a cooling fan blowing hot air AWAY from the compressor out of the enclosure.

Ensuring your compressor stays cool will keep it running consistently.

Do install your compressor standing up

Installing your compressor's right side up will guarantee efficient performance and prevent wear and tear on bearings.

Do mount your compressor at an appropriate distance from the water's edge

Although the compressor should be mounted close to the body of water, ensure that your compressor is far enough from the water's edge that it will still be over the solid ground during a wet year when your water levels rise.

Do keep your compressor on a secure and stable post or shelf

A sturdy post or shelf will prevent your cabinet from falling.

Do regular maintenance

Regular maintenance will ensure top performance from your compressor. This includes cleaning the air filter once a month and then rebuilding kits and air filter replacement every 18 months.

Following the above Do’s will ensure your compressor lasts you for 8-10 years! This means that your aeration system will last you for years to come and keep your pond in top-tier conditions. And by following proper installation guidelines you’ll be covered by warranty just in case something does happen. Whether your pond is for fish, swimming, or drinking water, our compressors will provide the best aeration for you for years by following these tips and tricks!

if you have any questions or concerns please contact our team at sales@pondpro.ca