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Kasco Marine

Kasco Marine 4400CF - Circulator with Horizontal Float Mount

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73.00 LBS
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Kasco water circulators provide valuable benefits to you in every season of the year.

Circulators are a great way to eliminate stagnant water and have benefits all year long.

Horizontal Float Mount Included

  • During the summer months, circulators are used to mix and agitate stagnant water to help reduce aquatic plant growth and inhibit mosquito reproduction. Kasco water circulators are ideal for creating directional water flow in your pond or lake. This transforms still, stagnant water into a stream environment and helps add vital oxygen.

  • In the spring and fall, circulators can help reduce thermal stratification in deeper bodies of water to help prevent or limit the negative effects of pond turnover. Ponds in geographic areas that see large seasonal temperature swings often have spring and fall turnover. Spring and fall turnover occurs when deep, stratified (large temperature differential between the surface and bottom) water "turns over". When the warm surface water becomes too dense for the colder water to support, the pond water will turn over and have the colder water on the surface. This causes the de-oxygenated water to mix with the oxygenated surface water and cause an overall lower oxygen level. Kasco water circulators move cooler de-oxygenated water from the bottom to the surface where the water can be warmed and oxygen diffused,  causing the elimination of large temperature differentials, increasing oxygen levels throughout the entire water column and improve your lake or pond aeration 

  • In the winter months, water circulators can be used to keep areas of water open to help prevent winterkill on fish populations and protect permanent structures from ice damage (ie: boats, docks, etc..). A Kasco water circulator will mix the water and move warmer, bottom water to the surface to keep an area of the pond open. The cold water will become oxygenated by coming in contact with the air and prevent winter-kill on your pond. Kasco water circulators positioned around docks and/or boats can prevent costly ice damage by keeping an area ice free around your valuables. 


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