Maintaining Your Rocking Piston Aeration Compressor: The Importance of Regular Rebuilds

Maintaining Your Rocking Piston Aeration Compressor: The Importance of Regular Rebuilds

In order to keep your Rocking piston aeration compressor running smoothly and efficiently, it's important to understand the various factors that can cause wear and tear over time. From degradation of seals to inadequate maintenance practices, there are several key reasons why regular rebuilds are necessary. Let's take a closer look at each of these factors and explore how they impact the lifespan and performance of your compressor.

  • Wear and Tear: Rocking piston compressors operate by using a piston that moves up and down to compress air. Over time, the mechanical components, such as the piston, cylinder, and seals, can experience wear and tear from continuous movement and friction. This wear can lead to a decrease in efficiency and performance.
  • Seal Degradation: The seals in the compressor can degrade due to exposure to air, temperature fluctuations, and the compression process itself. As the seals deteriorate, they may lose their ability to maintain a proper seal, causing air leaks and reducing the compressor's ability to generate adequate pressure.
    • Pro tip: Pond Pro’s aeration systems come equipped with pressure gauges. Using a pressure gauge is a great way to gauge your compressor's and system’s performance. If the pressure suddenly decreases, that is a good indication that the seals will need replacing or that the system is experiencing a leak. If the pressure suddenly increases, the system may experience a partial or full blockage. Other factors can also result in pressure changes, so always be sure to consult with one of Pond Pro’s technicians for further advice.
  • Dirt and Contaminants: Dust, dirt, sand, and other contaminants can accumulate in the compressor's internal components, affecting its performance and efficiency. These contaminants can hinder the movement of the piston and valves, leading to increased friction and severe damage to the compressor.
    • Pro tip: Every Can-Air CA compressor and Kasco Marine KM compressor comes with an intake filter assembly and element. Always make sure that the filter element is cleaned on a monthly basis (or more frequently if needed) and replaced every 3 months to keep contaminants out of the compressor. Compressors must always be installed inside a clean cabinet or building to prevent dirt, dust, and grass build-up.
  • Overheating and Thermal Stress: Compressors can sometimes experience overheating due to inadequate cooling. Thermal stress can break down seals, weaken the components, and affect the compressor's durability. Compressors that experience overheating will require more frequent rebuilds.
    • Pro tip: Always make sure ambient compressor room temperatures do not exceed 40 degrees Celsius 4 inches from the compressor and have proper fan cooling and ventilation. 100% air exchange should occur every 30 seconds - however, a Can-Air Cabinet does it every 12 seconds. 
  • Improper Usage or Overloading: Operating the compressor beyond its specified capacity or in conditions for which it's not designed can strain the components and cause premature wear and damage, requiring rebuilds or repairs.

Regular maintenance and timely rebuilds can extend the lifespan and maintain the efficiency of these compressors and ultimately save you time and money. Pond Pro recommends rebuilding your compressor every 18-24 months of use for optimal performance. These rebuild kits can be easily purchased on our site. If rebuilds are consistently late, bearings go, or the compressor overheats often, that will cause a need for more frequent rebuilds.

Always be sure to carefully read the manual that comes with every Can-Air CA compressor and Kasco Marine Teich Aire. Pond Pro’s knowledgeable staff and service technicians are happy to help assist you with any questions relating to compressor maintenance. If you are not comfortable rebuilding your own compressor, simply bring your compressor to our office or ship it to 49350 Range Rd 211, Camrose, AB, T4V 2N1, Canada. Our technicians will rebuild and service your compressor in no time! Contact us today for a quote. 

At Pond Pro, we pride ourselves on stocking parts for all compressors we have sold for the last 15 years!

6th Oct 2023 Pond Pro Canada

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