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Pond Pro Water Testing Services

Pond Pro Water Testing Services

Pond Pro Water Testing Services

Need help identifying what is causing issues in your pond? Want custom product recommendations? Let us get to the root cause of your pond problems and find a solution tailored to your pond. With our new facility upgrades and lab partnerships we can now serve you better all across Canada!

If your pond has the following problems, you may need to consider water testing:

  1. Murky water
  2. Algae/Weeds
  3. Sludge
  4. Odours
  5. Eutrophic pond

Why you should get your water tested

Save Time and Money

Invest in your pond with our personalized approach to care, which considers your pond's unique characteristics and your specific budget and goals. Our customized solutions ensure effective and efficient pond care tailored just for you, saving you time and money by identifying the best products for your water from the start.

Peace of Mind

Gain peace of mind with comprehensive water testing that reveals exactly what's in your water. Armed with this knowledge, you can proactively treat any issues, ensuring the health and vitality of your pond.

Understand the Root Cause

Some issues may not be visible without testing, making it essential for precise and accurate recommendations. The more we know about your pond, the better we can address its unique needs.

Our water testing service includes:

  1. Sampling equipment and return label for easy sample collection.
  2. Testing of your water samples
  3. Personalized report with product recommendations and treatment schedule
  4. Direct support form our biologists
  5. Savings on Pond Pro water treatment products (*exceptions may apply).

How does our water testing service work

Once you pay for your water testing package and fill out the water testing consultation form, we will send you the collection bottles with the proper packaging and a return label. Once you receive your bottles, all you have to do is collect your water sample and send it back to us. We will then test your water and send you a full report with your results, recommendations, and treatment schedule. 

We offer a variety of water testing packages, designed to help meet the needs of different applications and industries:

Don’t know which package is for you? Do you require specific tests that aren’t listed? Our packages are completely customizable and our biologists are more than happy to help find the best testing approach for you! Learn More about our water testing services here

If you have any questions or require a customized package feel free to reach out at 1-855-414-7663 or at testing@pondpro.ca

3rd Jun 2024 Pond Pro Canada

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