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Ways to Reuse or Recycle your Bucket: Sustainability in Business

Ways to Reuse or Recycle your Bucket: Sustainability in Business

       Thank you for purchasing a PondPro product and supporting a local Canadian family-owned business!

We package many of our products in Canadian-made plastic pails, please don’t throw them in the garbage! Sustainability is important to us, and there are many ways that our packaging can be reused and recycled. We have compiled a list of things you can do with this pail at home, or where to donate them if you can't find a use!

*Whatever you choose to do with your pail, be sure to give it a good wash first!*

At-home pail uses:

  • A great resealable container for many uses!
    • Child or Pet Toy Storage
    • Cleaning Supply Bucket
    • Pet Food Storage
    • Gardening Tool Bucket
    • Garden/ Flower Planters
    • Science Experiment Bucket
  • Moving dirt, rocks, water, etc.
  • Collect Garden Fruits or Vegetables
  • Oil and Fluid disposal
  • DIY ideas:
    • Simple Outdoor Stools
    • Pail Lamp
    • Chicken or Bird feeder
    • Plant Pot or Hanging Planter
    • Bee Hotel
    • Google & Pinterest have lots more ideas to find!

Don’t want to keep it? No problem! Here’s where you can dispose of it:

  • Local recycling depot or eco station.
  • Check if local food banks or animal shelters can make use of them.
  • List it on Kijiji or Facebook Marketplace for free, someone will have a use for them! Help your neighbours out and save yourself a trip to the eco station!
3rd Jun 2024 Pond Pro Canada

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