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Pond Fountain Benefits

Benefits of Fountains for Pond Health

While the enhanced visual appeal of a pond fountain is an obvious benefit, a fountain can have many benefits for the health of your ponds ecosystem.

Fountains increase water circulation, eliminate stagnant water

The constant water movement from a fountain eliminates stangant water, and many of the problems associated with it. If water is constantly moving, it is difficult for algae and aquatic weeds to grow. The constant movement of water also works to eliminate smell and odour from water, while encouraging clarity by aiding in natural filtration. 

Fountains increase oxygen levels in water, boosting the pond's ecosystem

As the fountain ciculates water and sprays it in the air, oxygen is mixed with the water, bringing much needed aeration to the pond. This aeration is required to maintain a healthy pond ecosystem, eliminate anaerobic sludge and help reduce phosphates. 

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