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Pond & Lake Aeration Diffusers

Aeration Diffusers for Ponds & Lakes in Canada

While there are multiple varieities of aeration diffusers for ponds and lakes, they are not all equal. While there are preferences for certain styles of diffusers for different applications, some simply are not comparable in dependability or effeciency.

Micro-Bubble Diffusers for Bottom Aeration in Ponds, Lakes & Industrial Applications

This style of diffuser works by releasing super fine microbubbles (only 1-3 mm) into the water from the bottom. Their engineered design ensure that bubbles are released with water spaces in between bubbles, allowing them to distribute into the water evenly, ensuring maximum oxygen is dissolved in the water, instead of at the surface in a large bubble. This dispersion of oxygen also prompts significant water circulation, ensuring well circulated, healthy water.

In addition to being the most efficient diffusers in the industry, these diffusers are very durable, designed for harsh climates or industrial applications. These diffusers offer an added benefit of being extremely low maintenance - all they require is replacement of the bubble tubing as little as every 5-7 years. 

Pond Pro Canada offers two brands of bottom diffuser, Pond Pro's Canadian made Can-Air diffusers, and Kasco Marine's Robust-Aire diffusers. Stainless steel diffusers are now available, which have the additional feature of being self-sinking, making for easy install.

EPDM Diffusers

Pond Pro Canada used many EPDM diffusers 15 to 9 years ago.  Our testing showed us these are not as efficient, but are another choice that can provide aeration for your pond. These diffusers are designed to release air bubbles from fine holes in the EPDM membrane over the disk part of the diffuser. The biggest problem we encountered is every time air is shut off water gets behind the membrane and is forced back through the slits in the rubber.  This makes the bubbles larger over time.  Our team went to a lake where several 5 disk epdm diffusers were installed 4 years ago and these diffusers released many large bubbles from the plates.  They clearly were not as efficient as when first installed and needed all the expensive membranes replaced.   

These are good diffusers that we have available however are more expensive to replace and long pvc arms get broken trying to pull these diffusers off the bottom.  Pond Pro Canada has replaced many diffuser heads at around $50 per membrane.  $250 per diffuser for parts for 5 disk diffusers.  Because of customer complaints we only offer one of these diffusers called the Pond Pro Vortex diffuser now.