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Pond Pro Canada Pond and Lake Bacteria Treatments

Canadian Made Pond, Dugout, Lake, Lagoon, Wastewater Bacteria Treatments  Improve Water Quality and Aquatic Health

Pond and Lake Bacteria Treatments with Cold tolerant bacteria are specifically designed for improving the health of your pond, dugout or lake, as well for industrial applications in Alberta and throughout Canada.

These all-natural bacteria treatments work through breakdown of organics and nutrients that cause weed and algae growth. This bioremediation also works to reduce pond muck and sludge build up with industrial strength bacteria formulations.

Our pond and lake bacteria products are tried and proven to work, not only by our customers but we rely on our own products to keep our aquaculture ponds healthy. Pond Pro Canada’s line of bacteria products include:

NaturalClear Pond & Lake Bacteria Treatments

NaturalClear Pond & Pond PLUS and NaturalClear Lake & Lake PLUS are  premium Canadian-made Bioremediation Product containing species of bacteria designed to work in the harsh Canadian climate. This is our ultra-concentrated multi-species formula to work in most pond, lake and wastewater environments designed by our in-house biologists. This formula contains resilient bacteria that continue to multiply at temperatures as low as 3 degrees Celsius. This product reduces COD, BOD, organic carbon, ammonium, nitrates, nitrites, phosphates and even hydrocarbons. This bacteria product produces natural flocculants to clarify ponds, lakes, and wastewater.

Muck Pellets & Muck Pellets PLUS to treat pond & lake sludge

Pond Pro Muck Pellets & Muck Pellets PLUS are a premium Canadian-made Bioremediation Product containing 5 species of bacteria designed to reduce and prevent sludge buildup. The bacteria contained in Muck Pellets & Muck Pellets PLUS are listed on the Health Canada DSL list to ensure the safety and quality of this product. This formula is made in an easy to apply, professional grade tablet.

Bio-Dredge to address industrial or wastewater sludge build up

Bio-dredge is among one of our newest bacteria treatments added to our line. Bio-dredge is a specially formulated, extra-strength bacteria treatment designed to break down muck, sludge and waste build up in lagoons, wastewater treatment ponds, stormwater ponds and more industrial applications.! This hardy dredging bacteria eats away at waste to effectively reduce muck and sludge build up. Equipped with 5 species and a super concentrated formula Bio-Dredge is proven to work. 

Septic Clear:

SepticClear is and extra strength wastewater treatment made up of a specialized multi-bacteria formula that naturally eats away at waste and build up. The bacteria multiplies as it eats away at wastes and sludge, also working to prevent odor.


What Makes Pond Pro Pond and Lake Bacteria so good at keeping your pond or lake clean?

Carefully Selected Pond Bacteria Species:

With so many pond and lake bacteria on the market it can be hard to know which product to choose. Pond Pro Canada’s line of pond and lake bacteria are specially designed to work in Canadian pond and lakes. Our product is designed by biologist and pond and lake expert, Lorne Louden. He has hand picked the bacteria species to be included in these products to ensure the quality and effectiveness of these products.

Each species plays an important role in the process of breaking down nutrients and organics. Some are better at metabolizing phosphates, while others break down excess (blank) in the water. Our products are uniquely designed for ponds, lakes, dugouts, or lagoons in Canada because our products contain cold tolerant species. These species are vital because they can metabolize organics and nutrients in colder environments. Most psychrophilic  bacteria are metabolically active when temperatures are cool to warm. Since in Canada our ponds and lakes are cooler, we need bacteria that can function in those temperatures. That is why we have hand selected cold-tolerant species for our products.

Extra Strength Pond Bacteria Concentration: 

The types of species selected for the job is one of the most important aspects to ensure the effectiveness of a bacteria treatment. However, the bacteria concentration also plays a major role. Pond Pro Canada’s pond and lake bacteria products have double the bacteria concentration than leading competitors. The higher the bacteria concentration, the more effective the treatment. This is because our products have 2x as many bacteria on our “clean-up crew” to break down nutrients and organics quicker before they can be utilized by weeds, algae, or harmful pond and lake bacteria.

Pond Pro Canada is a leader in pond and lake health and water treatment. Our products are specifically designed to breakdown organics and nutrients to inhibit weed and algae growth. With a hand selected formula, and double the concentration, you can trust that our products will do the job right!

Contact our team of experts for more information or recommendations at sales@pondpro.ca.