What Should I Feed My Koi?

What Should I Feed My Koi in a Cold Canadian Climate?

The Importance of Koi Feed Choice in Supporting Fish Health and the Health of your Koi Pond & Water Garden


Choosing the right food for your fish can be a challenge as  it can be hard to know what's most important to Koi fish's dietary needs, while making sure the food does not contribute to algae, weeds, slime or odours in your koi pond or water garden.


What are the premium ingredients to look for in Koi Food?

Always check the ingredient labels to make sure the food contains nutrient-rich and natural ingredients. 

Protein is among the most important dietary need for koi fish. Protein is a great source of energy for the fish and must constitutes a large portion of their diet. It is recommended that koi fish receive at least 35-38% of protein from their diets. Pond Pro Premium Koi Food contains 39% of protein. We have found that this is an optimal percentage of protein to constitute a balanced and healthy Koi diet. 

Aside form checking the protein content, ensure that the protein is sourced from natural and rich sources, i.e.: meats. Avoid foods where a majority of the proteins source is derived form wheat products. This type of proteins is more difficult to break down. The first ingredient found in Pond Pro Premium Koi food is chicken. Chicken is a great source of natural and easily digestible protein for your fish. They love the taste and you'll love the benefits of feeding protein rich food!

Lipids is another crucial component that makes up a koi's diet. Fats are great sources of energy for fish and essential for their health. But just like for us, too much fat, is not ideal. Koi fish are able to digest up to 12-13% of lipids in their diet. Avoid feeding more. Pond Pro Premium Koi feed is formulated with 9% of fat. We have found that 9% is an optimal fat content for koi fish to support their energy levels and allow their metabolism to break it down easily. 

Finally, make sure that the food you choose contains minerals and vitamins, as this is essential for a fish's metabolic process and overall health. Pond Pro Koi food contains vitamins, A, D3 and E, and also has essential minerals as well such as calcium, sodium and phosphorus!


Choosing koi feeds with premium, and natural ingredients helps to promote koi growth, but it also enhances their colour! 


Choose koi foods with minimal phosphorus:

Although phosphorus is an essential mineral, too much of it can be bad... for your pond! This is because the phosphorus that cannot be properly digested or broken down by the fish is released into the water through their waste, increasing the phosphate levels in the water. Phosphates are key nutrients for weeds and algae to thrive on. Excess phosphate levels in your pond will result in algae blooms and weeds, all of which contribute to poor aquatic health. This is why it is important to make sure that the phosphorus levels in your fish food is minimal. Pond Pro Premium Koi food is specially formulated with minimal phosphorus (1.0%) to ensure your food does not jeopardize the health of your pond!


Pond Pro Canada Koi Food offers the premium ingredients that will promote Koi fish growth, health and enhance their colour.


Pond Pro Canada has specially formulated, Premium Koi Food to support a healthy and balanced diet! Our product is available in 3mm and 5mm pellets and it comes in various quantities including 1kg, 2.5kg, 5kg and 10kg! Try it today, your fish will love it!

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