What You Need to Know Before Winter: Getting your Pond & Aeration System Ready

Get your pond and aeration system ready for another winter in Canada! Seasonal pond and aeration system maintenance is crucial for fish survival and overall aquatic health. 

Pond Pro Canada's Can-Air  bottom diffused aeration systems are made to withstand Canada's harsh climate and will aerated your pond, lake, or dugout year round!  

Winter is inevitable in Canada. Therefore, our products have been designed and tested in Canada, for Canada. Our Can-Air aeration systems are highly durable and low maintenance, allowing you to aerate your pond year-round. Always ensure that compressors are kept out of the elements and are kept in an enclosed, fan-cooled, and ventilated cabinet or shed.

Many people wonder if aeration in the winter is necessary. If your pond is not stocked with fish then you do not need to run your aeration year-round, if you do not wish to. If fish are present, aeration in the winter is a must.

Aeration is the winter is crucial for your fish’s survival, because as your pond freezes over it eliminates the natural transfer of oxygen from the air into the water. In addition to this, organic matter that has accumulated in your pond over throughout the year continues to decompose and produce gases which get trapped under the ice. As a result of little oxygen and gas build up, winter fish kill may occur.

Aeration is key to preventing winter fish kill as it ensures adequate oxygen levels in the pond. Making sure that your aeration system is ready for the winter is crucial to prevent system failure, which can be devastating for your fish. Here are some ways to “winterize” your aeration system:

  • Frequent rebuilds for your compressor
  • Change your filter
    • Filters must be cleaned regularly, and it is highly recommended that filters are changed monthly
    • Check to make sure your pressure relief valve is not popping.
      • If it is popping, this is a strong indication that there may be a blockage in the airline that is causing pressure to build up and pop the relief valve.
  • Make sure that you have complete and undamaged insulated line running from your compressor into your pond
    • Insulated line is required for running aeration in the winter as it prevents line freeze up. Insulated line should run from your compressor (trenched 12-18” underground) into your pond (about 5-10 ft in or up to low water level). Air compressors naturally produce moisture which will collect and freeze in the airline once temperatures drop to freezing. Plugged airlines will create a build up of pressure which is not good for your compressor. This will result in premature rebuilds, reduced expected compressor lifespan, or complete compressor failure.

To ensure adequate oxygen levels in your pond, and to ensure your diffuser is working properly, check your pond’s oxygen levels every 2 weeks. Measuring O2 levels has never been easier than with the Milwaukee MW600 Oxygen Meter. Measure surface and bottom oxygen levels with the probe. Ideal oxygen levels should be 7ppm or higher.

Aeration will create thin ice conditions in the winter. Do not skate on your pond if aeration is left on during the winter months.

If you have any further questions with regards to winterizing your pond, contact our team of experts at or at 1-855-414-7663.