Why Can-Air Pond & Lake Aeration Systems?

Pond, Dugout and Lake Aeration Systems to Support Aquatic Health in Canada

Properly Aerate Fish Ponds, Farm Dugouts, Recreational Lakes, Lagoons, or Wastewater with Canadian made Can-Air Aeration systems.

Reduce algae, weeds, muck, sludge and odors from your pond, lake, dugout or lagoon with bottom diffused aeration systems designed to withstand Canada's climate. Can Air systems are high efficiency and low maintenance systems rid your pond of unwanted vegetation!

Aeration is key to your pond and lake's aquatic health! 

When considering adding aeration to your pond, dugout or lake, make sure the system you are choosing is properly sized to your pond or lake, and maximizes efficiency. Under-aerating your pond can have adverse effects which is why making sure you are choosing the right system is so important. 

Pond Pro Canada has been helping people find the right aeration system for their unique ponds for over 20 years! Over the years we have designed our own line of aeration equipment to most efficiently aerate ponds, lakes, wastewater lagoons, drinking water reservoirs, recreational ponds, aquaculture facilities and more!

 The right components for an efficient pond aeration system: 


Can- Air Pond and Lake Aeration Compressors: 

Our Can-Air systems are made to withstand Canada's harsh climate! Can-Air systems come equipped with some of the most efficient and durable compressors on the market - Our very own CA-55 and CA-125 air compressors!. Available in 1/4 HP, and  1/2 HP units. Quiet and energy efficient, these pumps provide incredible, industry leading air flow for their compact size. As Canada's aeration experts we also carry the largest stock on other air pumps and compressors- check out our selection here!

For smaller Can-air systems, intended for koi ponds, or small/ shallow ponds, our Can-air systems are powered by linear air pumps. These pumps are compact, super silent and very durable! Despite their size these pumps provide enough air to aerate your pond effectively and efficiently! 

Pond Pro Canada AquaTube Sinking Airline for Pond and Lake Aeration:

All Can-Air aeration systems also come with durable Pond Pro AquaTube sinking airline! This airline is made to withstand Canada's harsh climate, as well as the muck, sludge, weeds and slime its exposed to in the water. 


Canadian Made Pond, Dugout and Lake Bottom Aeration Diffusers: 

One of the most important components to the aeration system, and its efficiency, is the diffuser. Diffusers come in all shapes and sizes to aerate your pond most efficiently. Here at Pond Pro Canada Ltd., we have focused on designing the most efficient and effective aerator on the market. With years of aeration expertise, we recognize that not all diffusers are made equally. In fact, we have learned that diffuser and bubble size matters! With research to guide our diffuser design, Pond Pro Canada has made their most popular Can-Air diffusers BIGGER! This is because larger diffuser area directly correlates to higher water flow rate (see graph below) In addition to this, small bubbles rise slower to maximize oxygen transfer into the water. 

Pond Pro Canada continues to use Pond Pro Fine Bubble Airline on all Can-Air diffusers to create fine 2-3mm microbubbles. Traditional airstones create coarser bubbles which are less efficient at transferring oxygen into the water. Pond Pro Canada’s line-up of Can-Air diffuser are designed with research, economical value, and our harsh Canadian-climate in mind. With long lifespans (8-10 years between rebuilds), Can-Air diffusers are among the most efficient, economical, and low maintenance diffusers on the market, proving that not all diffusers are created equally!

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