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Can-Air ECO diffuser

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  • Can-Air ECO diffuser
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  • Can-Air ECO diffuser
  • Can-Air ECO diffuser
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Can-Air ECO Fine Bubble Bottom Diffuser - Economical and Efficient!

The Can-Air ECO Fine Bubble Bottom Diffuser is designed to provide an economical yet effective solution for aerating your pond. Though smaller than the original Can-Air diffuser and not as efficient as the Can-Air SS model, the ECO diffuser stands out as a cost-effective and reliable option for maintaining pond health.

With 39 inches of fine bubble diffuser tubing, this self-sinking design ensures easy installation and stable performance. The ECO diffuser is versatile, handling air flows from 0.5 to 2.5 cfm, making it suitable for different pond sizes. Enjoy a well-aerated pond with minimal upkeep, thanks to its low maintenance design.



Features & Benefits

  • Compact Design: The ECO diffuser features 39 inches of fine bubble diffuser tubing. Its self-sinking design ensures easy installation and stable performance.
  • Efficient Aeration: While most efficient at 1 cfm air flow, the ECO diffuser can handle air flows ranging from 0.5 to 2.5 cfm, making it versatile for various pond sizes and requirements.
  • Low Maintenance: This diffuser requires minimal upkeep, allowing you to enjoy a well-aerated pond without the hassle of frequent maintenance.
  • Economical Solution: Perfect for those looking for an affordable yet effective aeration system.
  • Easy Installation: Quick and straightforward setup process, thanks to its self-sinking design.
  • Optimal Performance: Best performance at 1 cfm air flow, but versatile enough to handle a range of air flows from 0.5 to 2.5 cfm.
  • Durable Construction: Built to last, ensuring long-term use without compromising on performance.
  • Improves Pond Health: Enhances oxygen levels, promoting a healthier aquatic environment.

Diffuser Size Guide

Our aeration sizing recommendations to improve water quality and keep fish alive in cold & warm climates.

Area Covered By 1 Can-Air ECO Diffuser
Pond Depth Good Ponds / Preventative Eutrophic / Problem Ponds
5-8' 35' x 35' 25' x 25'
9-12' 70' x 70' 50’ x 50’
13-15' 90’ x 90’ 70’ x 70’
16-20' 120’ x 120’ 90’ x 90’

These systems are not recommended for ponds deeper than 20 ft. For most efficient aeration in deeper ponds, consider the Can-Air SS aeration system. 

Sizing Recommendations & Expert Support
Unsure of the right system size for your needs? Consult our sizing guide below for recommendations or contact our expert team at 1-855-414-7663 for personalized advice. 


Can-Air ECO Aeration System Manual

Can-Air ECO Diffuser Installation

If there is no aeration currently in your fish pond, the diffuser should be lowered roughly half the depth, and then slowly lowered to the bottom over the next few weeks at a rate of 2 feet every other week until it is at the pond bottom

If the diffuser is lowered to the bottom right away you risk stirring up toxic gases that could kill your fish. Lowering it slowly over time will eliminate this risk.

Can-Air systems with one, two, three, or four diffusers can be housed in one post-mounted cabinet.  Two of these systems can be mounted in back-to-back cabinets (preferred).

For Cabinet options, CLICK HERE!

For additional resources, including product spec sheets and manuals, visit our Resources page.

Can-Air Advantages

Why Choose Can-Air Aeration Systems?

  • Canadian Made Quality: Proudly designed and manufactured in Canada, embodying years of industry leadership.
  • Energy Efficiency: Featuring the cutting-edge Can-Air Rocking Piston compressor with air inlet filter for optimal energy use.
  • Warranty Assurance: Enjoy peace of mind with our two year standard warranty, extended to three years when purchased with our protective cabinet.
  • Enhanced Water Quality: Our systems are proven to reduce phosphates by up to 95%, drastically improving water clarity and ecosystem health.
  • Cost-Effective Operation: Designed for both small and large bodies of water, our systems offer significant savings in equipment and operational costs.
  • Simple Installation & Maintenance: With easy setup and minimal maintenance required, our systems are designed for convenience.

Diffuser comparison chart

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Warranty Information

25 year warranty on the base, 5 year limited warranty on tubing and parts/accessories
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5 Reviews

  • 5

    Solid product

    Posted by Krisztina Giffin on 9th Nov 2023

    Lots of bubbles from about 7 ft down using it with Hiblow WG4. Happy with everything so far. Alberta winter will be the ultimate test.

  • 5

    Can air eco diffuser

    Posted by Michael jones on 2nd Jul 2023

    A great product for smaller ponds I replaced my bubble tubing with this product and found it much more effective

  • 4


    Posted by Catherine Hickson on 15th Jun 2021

    These work very well. We ended up using 4 and they really turn over the water and create lots of bubbles. They are also interesting to look at - like we have four giant springs in the bottom of the pond.

  • 5

    Nice product

    Posted by Mark J Reimer on 8th Jun 2021

    Very happy with this.

  • 5

    Air diffuser

    Posted by Don pletch on 5th Apr 2021

    Lots of bubbles works perfect

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