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Everything you Need to Know about Kasco Marine De-icers

De-icers | Kasco Marine

As Fall is well underway and temperatures are dropping its time to start thinking about installing a de-icer to protect your dock, boats, lifts, and other infrastructure! Pond Pro is Canada's de-icing experts and we can answer all your questions about Kasco De-icers!

Why Do I need a de-icer?

Ice expansion, ice jacking, and the blockage of gas exchange can have devastating consequences resulting in damage to hulls, boats, docks and fish kills. Maintaining ice-free areas or buffer zones can relieve expansion pressures. Even 1-2% of open water area can help prevent a winter kill.

How do they work?

In the winter, the pond’s warmest water is at the bottom (part of the stratification process). De-icers push this warm water upward to maintain an open water area.


We carry ½ to 1 HP units in 120V and 240V. Larger units are available special request.

  • The 120V comes with a maximum cord length of 200ft
  • The 240V can come with a cord length up to 500ft custom order (not available in every unit size so please contact us for more information)

Click HERE to see what each unit is capable of de-icing.

Mounting Options

Universal Dock Mount*: to be mounted on wall, dock, piling, or other structure

Industrial Dock Mount*: more robust version of the Universal Dock Mount, intended for industrial purposes

*pipe is to be supplied by customer for Universal and Industrial Dock Mount

Vertical Mounting: Every de-icer comes standard with two 25 ft mooring ropes that can be used for vertical mounting.

Other potential options include horizontal float mount (below rectangular float) and free standing mount frame (no dock or pier).

When to run your de-icer

De-icers should not be run constantly in enclosed water bodies. Any body of water is naturally stratified and introducing systems (air or propeller) can destratify ponds resulting in uniform water temperature from top to bottom. The entire pond temperature will drop and this can result in supercooling.

Small ponds have a smaller warm water reserve and are especially vulnerable to supercooling. To prevent this, small ponds should have their de-icers run intermittently (e.g. turning on during the night and leaving off during the day). Accessories (thermostat timers) can help guide this process.


Kasco C-10 Thermostat Control: Controls at what temperature the unit turns on. Includes 8 ft. power cord. 

Kasco C-20 Time and Temperature Control: Controls at what temperature and time the unit turns on. Includes 3 ft. power cord.

Please contact us @ sales@pondpro.ca if you have any additional questions about Kasco’s de-icer units. Stay tuned until next month to learn about bubbler de-icers!