The Effects of Hot Weather on your Pond

The Effects of Hot Weather on your Pond

Effect of heat on your pond

The warming temperatures that come along with summer weather increase the chances of adverse effects on ponds and lakes. Sunlight and air temperature contribute to the water increasing rapidly which can negatively impact the pond ecosystem. Thermal stratification causes warm water to rise, which depletes oxygen from lower parts of the pond. Low amounts of oxygen in ponds puts fish at risk and gives algae the opportunity to grow. Luckily there are many solutions to keeping a pond healthy during periods of rising temperature.



By introducing water movement, oxygen can be incorporated into the water as well as deter the growth of algae. Aeration is very beneficial to fish and ensures they have access to enough oxygen for survival. Aerators, waterfalls and fountains are all great solutions that can benefit your pond and maintain a healthy ecosystem even in extreme heat.

Check out our Can-Air aeration systems and Kasco Marine Aerating Fountains to aerate your pond. 


Algae blooms are very common in warmer months and can be easily treated. ProClear Algaecide is a great solution that improves water quality, treats/prevents algae and maintains a healthy, beautiful looking pond.

Pond Dye

Sunlight contributes to the warming of water, and promotes algae growth. Pond dye is able to block sunlight and prevent further algae and weed growth. 

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