The Benefits of Pond Skimmers and Choosing the Right One for You

Across Canada and North America, Duckweed, algae, floating weeds, and debris can turn any beautiful pond into an eyesore. Trying to remove duckweed, algae, and unwanted aquatic vegetation can be challenging and physically demanding.

Here at Pond Pro we value safe and natural solutions to help clarify ponds and keep them healthy.

That is why we have our lineup of all-natural and safe Natural Clear Pond and Lake bacteria to help reduce organics and phosphates that contribute to weed and algae growth in ponds. In addition to this, Pond Pro also carries a variety of NSF-60 drinking water certified products to help keep your pond clean and healthy, including QuikClear and Proclear Algaecide.

QuikClear clarifier is a flocculant (made with NSF-60 ingredients) designed to bind organics and nutrients and settle them out at the bottom of your pond. This treatment can help to reduce duckweed growth with a one-time heavy dose in the spring, after spring run off. Always read instructions before use. Ask our team about rates and doses for your pond!

ProClear algaecide is Pond Pro's in-house NSF-60 certified algaecide that has ensured to be safe and effective against numerous types of algae, including blue-green algae, filamentous, chara, planktonic, and more. Always be sure to read instructions when treating. Never exceed 3L of Proclear for 1 million gallons when fish are present. Ask our team about how to use Proclear!

Although our products work very well to kill algae (ProClear) and prevent algae and duckweed growth, by reducing nutrients in the pond, our products are not intended to kill duckweed and other floating and submerged weeds. The safest and most natural way to rid your pond or lake of duckweed and other aquatic vegetation is to manually cut and rake it out. This can be a physically demanding and time consuming process. That is why we have started to carry various pond skimmers and weed harvesters to continue promoting natural reduction and removal of duckweed and aquatic vegetation, without the use of harmful herbicides.

Small Pond Skimmers:

Pond Pro carries pond skimmers for small ponds and water gardens to eliminate floating weeds and debris from the surface of the water. A great option for small ponds is the Aquascape Signature Series 200 or 400 Pond Skimmer. These small skimmers provide efficient mechanical filtration by removing unwanted debris from the surface of the pond, significantly reducing maintenance and improving water quality. The filter also provides a protected location for the pump, extending pump life. The Signature Series 200 or 400 Pond Skimmer is easy to install and ideal for ponds up to 200 and 400 square feet (respectively). The filter includes a large volume, rigid debris basket for quick and easy maintenance and a high-quality, medium density rigid filter mat to remove smaller sediment and debris. The extremely durable, UV protected, high-density polyethylene construction and the rounded shape maximize the strength of the filter, enabling installation in freeze-thaw conditions.

ProSkim Pond Duckweed Skimmers for Ponds and Small Lakes:

Keep your pond or lake clear and healthy with ProSkim, an alternative to harsh, hazardous chemical treatments. ProSkim uses a unique skimming system to physically remove duckweed, watermeal, azolla, and other floating weeds and debris from your water – breaking the cycle of weed growth. It's a safe, environmentally sound solution that is cost-effective and easy to operate. A perfect maintenance solution for groundskeepers and homeowners alike.

The heart of the ProSkimmer System is its in-water floating collection unit, a special skimmer that has been designed to extract only those weeds and organic debris that float on the water’s surface. It creates a powerful vortex of water that draws in floating weeds and debris.

The uniquely designed stainless steel pump generates a powerful flow in which water, weeds and debris are collected and pumped through a hose to the on-shore filtration unit. The weeds and debris then remain behind on shore in the filtration unit while the clear, filtered, aerated water flows through the return hoses and back into your lake or pond.

The ProSkim duckweed skimmer takes away the hassle of physically removing duckweed and other floating debris from your pond, without the use of chemicals. Skimmers are capable of removing up to 80 gallons per minute of your pond’s surface water! This makes them perfect for bigger ponds.

Aquatic Weed Harvesters for Municipal Ponds, Homeowner Associations, or Large Ponds & Lakes

WaterBug Weed Harvester:

The WaterBug Aquatic Weed Harvester is a compact, remote controlled solar & battery powered aquatic weed harvester that is ideal for weed removal. This unit also features a harvesting camera that shows what the Waterbug sees on the remote screen. It is designed for managing aquatic vegetation and floating debris in lakes, ponds, and water bodies of all sizes.

This compact 5.4’ wide by 11’ 9” long (weighs 370 lbs), boasts a storage bunk capacity of 600 lbs.This makes it easy for one person to use as it fits on a compact trailer that can be pulled behind a 4-wheeler or garden tractor.

The Waterbug harvester floats in as little as 4” of water and can cut and skim 34” wide, is adjustable to 30” water depth, and features long-lasting batteries that can operate 5 hours on a single charge. The Waterbug has a remote sight range of 500 feet making it an ideal solution for individual pond owners and golf courses in need of an effective pond weed and algae solution!


The Eco-Harvester is the only machine in the world that both pulls aquatic vegetation by the root system and skims floating, weed fragments, weed mattes and algae blooms. This machine is a must have for municipal groundskeeping operations, homeowner associations, recreational lake maintenance and more! This unit has been sold worldwide and become so popular because it can pull weeds and skim floating vegetation. In addition to that, the Eco-harvester is incredibly productive, incredibly effective and efficient and most importantly it's very easy to use.

That ease of use combined with its productivity, its size, its maneuverability around docks, boat lifts and shallow water make it the hottest selling harvester worldwide.

Eliminate using chemicals and doing back-breaking work with the Eco Harvster. This machine provides an environmentally friendly way to harvest aquatic plants and is the only harvester that works in this manner. ALL other aquatic weed harvesters ONLY cut the weeds! It is 95% effective at uprooting milfoil, hydrilla, celery grass, water chestnut, and most other aquatic plants prevalent in ponds, lakes, rivers, channels, canals, and beachfront property.

Pond Pro has a variety of skimmer and harvester options available for small koi ponds to large lakes to safely remove duckweed, algae, and other floating debris! Contact our team of experts to learn more about Pond skimmers and harvesters to suit your application!