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Pond Log

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  • Pond Log
  • Pond Log and fountain system
  • Pond Log with float


The APS 800 Series Pond Log has been proven effective for clarification of pond-lake systems as well as reducing phosphate levels. 

The APS 800 Series Pond Log is a highly effective solution for removing turbidity and inanimate nutrients from your water, clarifying pond-lake systems and reducing phosphate levels. By combining it with aerators/bubblers, floating fountains, or man-made waterfalls, you can create the necessary agitation to effectively utilize the APS 800 Series Pond Log.

Pond Logs treat between 325,000 to 500,000 gallons of water.

Waterfall Before and After Application

kidspictures2010-106.jpg  kidspictures2010-112.jpg

These systems are easy!

How It Works

As water moves over and around these logs, they gradually dissolve, releasing beneficial components into the water column. This process helps bind excess inanimate nutrients, such as phosphorus, together. As these particles aggregate, they become heavier and eventually settle at the bottom of the pond or are filtered out, promoting a cleaner and healthier aquatic environment.

It is crucial to understand that Pond Logs do not eliminate all inanimate nutrients but effectively reduce them to create a balanced and thriving ecosystem. Typically, our pond products achieve a 75-90% reduction in phosphorus levels.

All APS products are safe for fish; no need to monitor pH.

View our Floc/ Pond Logs product sheet for more detailed product information.


APS Pond products can be installed above an aerator, under a floating fountain, on the steps of a waterfall or with any circulation mechanism.  The water must be moving over and around the Pond Products for them to work.

Aerator/Bubbler System

Secure the APS 800 Series Pond Log in the flow of the bubbles to ensure that the site-specific polymers are properly circulated through the system. This method ensures optimal clarification and nutrient reduction.

Floating Fountain System

Floating fountains are not only visually appealing but also functional when paired with the APS 800 Series Pond Log. The agitation provided by the fountain helps to maintain low nutrient levels and clarify the water, making it an excellent addition to any pond or water feature.

Waterfall System

Using the APS 800 Series Pond Log in conjunction with waterfall systems can result in crystal clear water, free from organic matter. The installation process is straightforward: Secure the Pond Log to the "steps" of the waterfall, and let the system do the rest. This creates an idyllic environment for your aquatic friends and enhances the overall beauty of your water feature.

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3 Reviews

  • 5

    Best Pond Log I have ever owned!

    Posted by Terd Ferguson on 25th Aug 2022

    By far, this is the best pond log that I have ever put in the water. Crystal clear water, quickly removed the turbidity that I had, and was easy to hide. Ranked #1 out of 1 that I have used. Recommend!

  • 5

    Pond Log

    Posted by Jo-Ann Kevala on 30th Dec 2019

    Thai product is excellent, keeps our large swimming pond Chrystal clear. This is my second time purchasing. Highly reccomend.

  • 5

    Pond log

    Posted by Jo-Ann Kevala on 7th Aug 2019

    This item is awesome. When we put in our aerator it sorts up a lot of junk. Within two days of adding this it cleared our pond and made a huge difference..

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