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Septic Aeration and Bacteria- Help Keep your System Clean &  Healthy

Septic Aeration and Bacteria- Help Keep your System Clean & Healthy

Septic aeration and septic bacteria for the breakdown of sludge and organic waste in your residential and commercial septic tank! 

Septic Aeration

Pond Pro has become one of Canada’s leading pond and lake aeration experts. With multiple biologists on staff to help determine the oxygen requirements of unique systems and with the manufacturing of our own Canadian-made aeration equipment, Can-Air Aeration Systems, our team has helped remediate and improve the aquatic health of numerous ponds, farm dugouts, recreational lakes, commercial holding ponds, municipal wastewater treatment lagoons and more. What is often overlooked is the benefits of aeration not only for large scale projects and bodies of water, but also for residential septic tanks.

Pond Pro carries a variety of highly efficient Can-Air diffusers that are designed with durability and efficiency in mind. Our smallest and most compact diffuser is known as our ECO diffuser. This small but mighty diffuser is perfect for septic aeration as its small design can easily fit into most tanks. The ECO diffuser is built with a durable powder coated stainless steel frame and base to ensure even the harshest of waste does not degrade the base. The ultra-porous aeration tubing on the diffuser is the same tubing we use for our industrial diffuser that have been subject to some of the most organic and toxic effluent ponds and lakes in Canada. We have retrieved Can-Air diffusers from a highly organic lake in Alberta (Lake Chickakoo) after nearly 10 years, and the porous aeration tubing still looked good as new! Can-Air diffusers are built to last in even the harshest environment making the ECO diffuser the perfect addition to help keep your septic system healthy.

In combination with compact, quite and efficient linear air pumps, Pond Pro’s Can-Air Septic Aeration systems are very affordable, easy to use, and low maintenance. Simply connect the diffuser to the air pump and let it run!

How Does Aeration Affect the Breakdown of Waste in My Septic System?

Aeration (adding oxygen to the system) helps to encourage the growth of aerobic bacteria in your septic system. Without aeration the growth of anaerobic bacteria in your tank add to the build up waste and smelly odours. However, through the simple addition of air into these tanks we can encourage the growth of aerobic bacteria which are much more eager “eaters” than anaerobic bacteria to help break down waste. With continuous aeration we encourage an aerobic environment to expand colonies of “good” aerobic bacteria that help in the break down of bio mats and clean the interior of your tank and pipes.

Septic Bacteria

Pond Pro carries an exclusive line of septic bacteria to aid in the digestion and breakdown of septic waste in your tank and system. Adding bacteria to your home septic system can help act as probiotics for your system to help with the breakdown of organic waste, grease, oils and fats.

SepticClear: Over the years Pond Pro has developed our product line of beneficial bacteria for ponds and lakes to naturally help break down organics that contribute to algae and weed growth, odours, and murky water. The bacteria blend chosen has been hand selected by owner and lake biologist, Lorne Louden, to maximize the effectiveness of the product and the efficiency of the bacteria for these applications. The benefits of these “good” bacteria are seemingly endless and their effectiveness at breaking down organic matter and sludge is well known. For that reason Pond Pro has developed a product that is specifically formulated in a tablet to easily be flushed down a toilet in order to target waste and sludge build up in residential septic tanks. Pond Pro’s SepticClear bacteria product is specifically designed to include bacteria species that target sludge build up and break it down, metabolically by gassing off the waste. Our SepticClear bacteria is conveniently available in 26 tablet packaging (6 month supply), 52 tablets (1 year supply) and 0.5 kg pails and 2.5 kg pails (ideal for multiple systems).

SepticClear is perfect for your home, business or RV septic system! Simply flush one tablet down your toilet once per week and let the bacteria help break down the waste in your tank and reduce the odours. Applying beneficial bacteria to your system will reduce fats, oils, and grease (FOGs) from building up.

Bio-Dredge: Similar to Pond Pro’s SepticClear Bacteria, Bio-Dredge is a beneficial bacteria product designed to aid in the breakdown and reduction of sludge and muck accumulation from septic waste. This product is also formulated in a tablet for easy application into your lagoon or holding pond and this design also allows it to sink and settle directly into the sludge build up in order to target the sludge. Bio-Dredge is a natural bioremediation product that works to reduce odours from wastewater lagoons and reduce muck build up caused by organic waste. Bio-Dredge is among our strongest blend of muck and sludge reducing bacteria, making it the perfect product to add into residential and commercial waste lagoons and holding ponds that handle very organic and smelly water. Available in 5kg and 12.5 kg pails, start treating your lagoon today and let the bacteria improve the health of your septic system and lagoon!

With the addition of aeration in your septic tank or holding pond/ lagoon the efficiency of these bacteria can be greatly improved to help reduce BOD, COD, ammonia (Nitrogen based contaminants), and TSS. In the presence of oxygen facultative and aerobic bacteria will use oxygen to aid in the breakdown of organic waste.

If you need more information on aerating your septic tank or adding beneficial bacteria to help break down organics contact our team of experts at sales@pondpro.ca

3rd Jun 2024 Pond Pro

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