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How to Properly Store Pond and Water Treatments in the Winter

How to Properly Store Pond and Water Treatments in the Winter

As winter rolls around you may be left with unused pond products from the summer months and wondering if you can use them next year. The answer is, YES! Pond Pro’s products have long shelf lives and can readily be tucked away for continued use the following season! We do urge you to ensure that products are stored properly, so we have outlined general storage guidelines for some of our most popular products below:


Pond Pro’s line up of beneficial bacteria is highly effective at breaking down excess nutrients and organics in your aerated pond to help improve or maintain its aquatic health. Our treatment regime in Canada is completely dependent on the regions which you are treating, and our weather. To ensure your product is working most efficiently we recommend you start treatments as soon as the ice is completely thawed and once your water temperature reaches around 5-7 degrees Celsius. Continue treating as long as your water temperature remains above 5-7 degrees Celsius. As an Alberta-based company, our general rule of thumb is to start treating in May and to stop treatments in September. Again, let the weather and your water temperature be the deciding factor as to when to start and stop.

If the end of the season rolls around and you are left with NaturalClear bacteria, Muck pellets, or Bio-dredge, don't worry! Simply seal the pail in which the product comes in and tuck it away in a heated space. Always make sure the product is sealed properly (as moisture will break down the water-soluble packets).


Our Pond Pro ProClear algaecide has a shelf life of 5 years when stored properly. Therefore, if you are left with algaecide from the summer, simply store it in a heated storage area. Do NOT let the algaecide freeze. If the product freezes, the active ingredients will dissociate and no longer be effective to kill algae.

For this reason, Pond Pro does not ship ProClear algaecide during the winter months. Orders can still be placed on our website, however, the weather will dictate when we can ship the product.


Pond and lake dye is among the most popular products on the market for pond treatments! Not only does dye add aesthetic appeal to your body of water (by giving it a beautiful rich blue tone, or a cool turquoise hue), but it also helps to minimize the sunlight penetration into your pond or lake, which in turn reduces photosynthetic activity (hint hint: unwanted weeds and algae rely on photosynthesis to grow)!

Figuring out the right amount of dye to purchase and use is not always clear. Our Pond Pro Pond and Lake Dye packets are recommended to be used at a rate of 1 packet per 200,000 gallons of water. Our Pond Pro Concentrated Blue Liquid Pond & Lake Dye PLUS is recommended to be used at a rate of 1L (1 bottle) per 1,000,000 gallons of water. For smaller ponds, our Pond Pro Concentrated Blue or Turquoise Liquid Pond & Lake Dye is recommended to be used at a rate of 500 mL per 10,000 gallons of water.

Even though these are recommended rates, there are variables that can influence how you wish to be treated. In the event of a heavy rainfall season, you may need to apply more heavily and more frequently. Pond and lake dye is a very safe product (food grade) to use, and can be applied as needed. Therefore, if you are left with extra product by the end of the season, make sure you store the product in a heated and dry space! Do not let the product freeze, as it may damage the water soluble packets.


Pond Pro’s QuikClear Flocculant treatment, along with Pond Logs and Floc Logs, can be readily stored for several seasons and used when needed! Always make sure flocculent are stored in a dry environment, as moisture will result in clumping and possible breakdown of the product. Products do not need to be kept in a heated space.

Fish Food:

Pond Pro’s Trout and Koi Food is always freshly packaged and distributed quickly to ensure the best tasting and freshest food possible. When winter rolls around and you are left with leftover fish food, simply seal the pail and store it in a dry and cool place. Continue feeding once the ice thaws and fish activity increases.

Every pail is stamped with a manufacturer’s date, so we recommend using it up within a year of that date.

Aeration Systems:

Bottom diffusers and sinking airlines are designed to stay in your pond (deeper than 4 ft) all year long. Therefore, very little maintenance or servicing is required to get your system ready for the cold. If you choose to not run the system, simply turn it off. The compressor must always be kept out of the elements.

If you have any further questions about specific pond treatment storage, simply contact our team of experts to learn more! 

3rd Jun 2024 Pond Pro

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