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J-Series Premium Nozzle (for 3400JF & 4400JF)

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  • Mighty Oak with Optional Lights
  • Kasco Marine Premium Nozzle option for the 3400JF and 4400JF J-series decorative floating fountain
  • Kasco Marine Premium Nozzle- Madrone
  • Kasco Marine Premium Nozzle- Mighty Oak
  • Kasco Marine Premium Nozzle- Mahogany
  • Kasco Marine Premium Nozzle- Magnolia


Kasco Marine Premium nozzle for 3400JF and 4400JF

Kasco Marine now offers NEW J-Series Premium Nozzles for ALL sizes of the J-series fountains! The ever-popular 3/4 HP and 1 HP (3400 JF and 4400 JF) fountains are now also compatible with Kasco Marine's new premium nozzles.

Purchased separately, Kasco Premium Nozzles provide crisp and distinct streams of water for dramatic and attention-demanding displays. No tools are required for installation.

Available patterns for your 3400JF and 4400JF fountain: 

  • Mighty Oak
  • Madrone
  • Magnolia
  • Mahogany

Spray dimension chart:

Pattern 3/4HP (3400JF) 1HP (4400JF) 

Mighty Oak

10' x 24' 13' x 34'
Magnolia 9' x 29' 11.5' x 37'
Mahogany 11.5' x 28' 14' x 34'
Madrone  11.5' x 28' 14' x 35'
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